Bright Soul & Sparkle’s time to shine

It’s the turn of Bright Soul & Sparkle’s time to shine, thanks to funding from the Creative Ireland Programme 2023, Galway City Council and Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media. Our two Community Theatre Programmes have each received funding for their respective projects,  working with tutors and volunteers over ten weeks this autumn.

Bright Soul caters to a variety of ages, with some long-standing members being joined by newer participants this year. This autumn, the focus has been on working collaboratively as a team to brainstorm narratives to be developed into short improvised scenes. These processes exercise the muscles of imagination and cooperation, two vital building blocks in theatre creation.


Sparkle is the first point of contact a young person aspiring to perform can make with Blue Teapot.   It is specifically designed for this age group to encourage them in developing their creativity and social skills.  Tutors focus on the basics of theatre techniques such as group work, concentration and exploring imagination through playful improvisation.

This Autumn, Sparkle’s participants worked towards a performance , directed by Lali Morris, former Artistic Director of Baboró, International Arts Festival for Children. The experience gained from performing live in front of an invited audience will no doubt increase their confidence. ‘Being seen’ can often be the game changer in a young person’s development.

We are extremely grateful to Creative Ireland for supporting our Community Theatre Programme, shining a spotlight on the next generation of aspiring young artists and the pathway to life-long appreciation for the arts.