Clipper Round The World Race 2015 – 2016 Fundraiser

This is one of the biggest challenges of the natural world and an endurance test like no other... this describes the Clipper 2015 – 2016 Round the World Race. Blue Teapot company member Emer Macken’s sister Siobhan is currently on the final leg of the race, due to finish in Derry this week! Please support Siobhan’s fundraising voyage by donating here.
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Blog Post from Siobhan on board the Derry-Londonderry-Doire (DLD):

Hi all,

DLD has been storming across the Atlantic. The crew has been showing intense commitment and enormous resilience as they have meticulously sailed the great circle route towards the finish line. Hours on the high side, trimming and changing sails constantly, they have fought every fraction of a nautical mile from third place to first,  some 40 miles ahead of their points rival, LMAX. And the fleet has sailed so fast that the organisers have extended the course  by 500 miles so that they do not arrive before their host city, Derry Londonderry is ready for them.
But today the  wind has dropped and DLD is sailing to windward towards Rockall in light airs . She is a bit heavier than her rivals with 24 on board, and this does impact her speed in light winds, and overnight her lead has been eroded to 15 miles. As DLD claws her way upwind, the chasing boats could be advantaged if and when the predicted wind shift results in a following wind.
To follow the excitement in the closing stages, become addicted as I am to , the Clipper Race Viewer
And now the words of our gallant crew……...
……”The Atlantic crossing has been as expected. Grey skies, high seas, and relentless seas sweeping across the decks. Sometimes washing us into the cockpit, life jackets inflated. It is so wet.  Constantly wet. And airless down below as all the hatches are closed. It is fetid and wreaks of damp, and I will not mention what else!
Yes it’s all go here on DLD. Lots of squalls gusting through at 40 knots helping us on our way. We have had our Code 3 spinnaker ( heavyweight) up and then down for repair three times since leaving NY. On one occasion it was dumped in to the sea when the halyard snapped, and it wrapped around the rudder. We managed to repair it, working constantly over four watches, bouncing around on the cabin floor. It is held together with repair tape.

We have worked hard to win this race into our home port . We have sailed so fast that we will arrive early, and Skipper Dan informed us yesterday that we were so early that we have been rerouted around Rockall and thence maybe to St Kilda. This will add another 500 miles of beating upwind. We hope that we can hold on to our lead !!!
I lead the bread making on my recent mother watch, being the “experienced mentor” for a new legger. It was, shall we say, challenging. I kneaded the dough, left it to rest ( if it could in these conditions) and repeated. I expected it to reach great heights as I pounded with enthusiasm. Sadly it was not to be. No amount of poking or prodding had worked, but into the oven it went. And out it came, and was immediately styled “flatbread” . But the ravenous crew layered it with butter, peanut butter, jam or marmite and wolfed it down. Calorie deprivation worked in my favour, but they could hardly pop down to the local shop! I did make an apple crumble though, and this turned out a bit better!
Due to our extended course we are watching the rations. All good for the waistline!
Must go now. My muscles are aching like mad as we go from bunk to galley to bed. But despite all this there is lots of laughter and good humour on board! Hopefully it will all be worthwhile!
……. And if you feel able, please do support Blue Teapot by clicking on the link below.  It is a wonderful cause ..
Love to all . I really am looking forward to the peace and quiet of a summers day in Wimbledon with you