Crossing the Line: Episode 4: Into the Dark Woods Reimagined

Crossing the Line: Episode 4: Into the Dark Woods Reimagined

Crossing the Line: ‘The Festival that never was, the Celebration that is’

Episode Four: Into the Dark Woods Reimagined





Blue Teapot have worked towards an ambition to stage a theatre production written by an artist from within the company. In 2017, a pilot project ‘The Blank Page’, a series of creative writing workshops, was initiated to meet this creative desire facilitated by dramaturg Eileen Gibbons. From 2018, this driving objective continued to progress, with Charlene Kelly amongst the participants being the artist displaying a definite talent.


From 2019, ‘Into the Dark Woods’ began to emerge with The Abbey Theatre seed funding script development. With a first draft completed, the script was explored in workshops with Director Petal Pilley and the theatre ensemble.



Through the familiar archetypes of fairy-tale, Charlene’s debut play uses the living realm of the woods as an invitation to experience a world through the eyes of intellectual disability.


The play centres on a Prince who is tired of being controlled by his father, the ruler. Upon hearing he is to be  disinherited from the throne, heartbroken he runs into the woods. However, danger lurks in the dark and the Prince quickly finds himself in trouble. Cold and alone he calls out for help. A girl, also lost, is charmed by a beautiful forest flower into leaving a safe and familiar path. Hunted by the darkness their path out is uncertain.


The world premiere of Into the Dark Woods was originally to be staged on 19 May 2020 at Black Box Theatre, Galway as part of Crossing The Line Festival. Re-imagined for Galway 2020, the production was due to be presented in March 2021 which sadly was also no longer a possibility.


Fortunately, Blue Teapot has been afforded the opportunity to continue development of Charlene’s work between lockdowns and are determined to bring the production in a physical format once restrictions are lifted and theatres re-open again.

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