Gods of Irish Theatre!

First Encounter with Theatre Lovett

Last Autumn, a hugely exciting collaboration began as we welcomed one of Ireland’s most critically acclaimed, most imaginative and indispensable theatre companies at work today – Theatre Lovett. An initial ‘first encounter’ was proposed that facilitated a week -long  artistic exploration between Theatre Lovett’s co- Artistic Directors Muireann Ahern and Louis Lovett and our professional ensemble. While it is not always guaranteed that artistic chemistry will occur, happily it did this time, result being that Theatre Lovett returned to Blue Teapot within a month.

The second encounter focused on Theatre Lovett’s in-development project with creative collaborators, writer & musician Nico Brown, choreographer Kévin Coquillard, joined by dancers Marion Cronin and Emily Kilkenny Roddy. Each of our actors portrayed a God – Zeus, Demeter, Aphrodite, Athena,  Hermes – and from this, a  story would further unfold and eventually be told…


A Work In Progress Presentation

Written by Nico Brown

Directed by Muireann Ahern

Choreographed by Kévin Coquelard

‘Get too near the mirror, it begins to hypnotise. Say your name too many times, it starts to sound like lies …’


The setting is Mount Olympus, seat of the ancient Greek Gods, as they bear witness to a terrible tragedy unfolding for humankind. It’s a contemporary retelling of the story of Echo & Narcissus.

In the last week of April, we enjoyed another creative week in collaboration with Theatre Lovett, working towards public presentations of the work in progress.

This co-production is made possible by support from The Arts Council and Galway City Council Arts Office.