Dancing at Lughnasa

By Brian Friel

24th – 26th May 2018

Town Hall Theatre, Galway

Director: Petal Pilley

Original Music Composition: Brendan O Regan

Set Design: Sabine Dargent

Costume Design: Charmian Goodall

Lighting Design: Susan Collins

Photography: Andrew Downes,

Cast:  Jennifer Cox, Diarmuid de Faoite, Hillary Kavanagh, Tara Breathnach, Emma O’Grady, Grace Kiely, Rod Goodall and Aindrias de Staic.

Play Synopsis:

Set in County Donegal in 1936, during the harvest festival of Lughnasa, this powerful play takes you on a compelling journey of a family unravelling. The Mundy sister’s lives are precariously balanced with Kate the only real breadwinner in the house. The return of their brother missionary priest Father Jack back from Uganda after 25 years is anticipated by the sisters with the hope of restoring their standing in the small community.

Director’s note

In this play the dynamics of a family are both greatly enriched and made more vulnerable by the presence of a sibling with an intellectual disability. Casting Jennifer Cox as Rose has deepened the audiences experience of an Irish theatre classic, one they may be familiar with but have not experienced in this way.

The project was kindly supported by the Arts Council of Ireland